Pic Assembly Programming

Author's note: These pages are a work in progress, so the layout isn't the best at the moment, but I wanted to get the information posted. I'll clean it up and add to it as time permits.

I have been writing assembly programs for PicMicro microcontrollers for a couple years now. It is strictly a hobby; I do not do this for a living (although I do program for a living; just not PICs). I use the microcontrollers to control various props in my Halloween display each year. I originally used PIC16F84A processors, although I've started to switch to PIC16F628 processors. They have more memory (both code and data), more features (USART, comparators, timers), and they're cheaper besides. The cheapest place I've found to buy PIC16F628A chips is at Futurlec.com. As of this writing, they are $2.20 each.

Table of Contents

  1. Modular PIC Assembly Programming
  2. PIC Assembly Macros
  3. Code Examples:
  4. Carrier Boards

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