picture of the monster in the box prop

This year's monster in a box prop was mostly the same as last year's. There were 3 main differences differences:

  1. I painted the box to preserve the wood.
  2. I replaced the CD player with a uMP3 player board from RogueRobotics.com.
  3. I built a board custom-made for this prop.

The paint is pretty self-explanitory.

One problem I had with the box in 2004 was that the jarring caused by the slamming lid sometimes caused the CD player to skip. Rogue Robotics arranged for a group-buy discount of about $50 instead of the typical $100, so I picked up three, one of which found its way into the box to cure the skipping CD problem. These uMP3 playback modules are really easy to use.

The board I created included a 5V voltage regulator, something I don't usually put on my boards since I usually use regulated 5V power supplies. In this case, though, I wanted to eliminate the extra power supplies by powering everything from the 12V power supply that was powering the wiper motor. So, now, in addition to powering the wiper motor, the 12V power supply also powers the PIC board through the 5V regulator. I also added a jumper to the board so that I could power the MP3 player from the PIC board. As a result, everything in the box except the amplified speakers is powered by one power supply instead of the 3 I used last year.

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